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SP&M Article Archive

School Planning & Management's vast database of articles is a valuable tool for anyone who plans, designs, equips, maintains and operates pK-12 schools nationwide.  Popular topics include facilities, safety & security, technology, business, finance and the learning environment. Articles are displayed in chronological order, beginning with the most recent.

Energy & HVAC

Too Hot, Too Cold, Too Expensive: Energy & HVAC

Designing a new K-4 school that is comfortable for young occupants and easy to operate and maintain.

Trends in Green

Resilience, Schools and Insurance

Can schools be rewarded with lower insurance costs by taking steps to reduce risk? A new program shows how it can be done.

Classroom security

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

Buyer Beware

Classroom security after-market devices may not be as safe as they are advertised.

flipped classroom


A Flipped Example

Safety & Security

School Terrorism

Are we less prepared now?

vocational learning labs

Building Blueprints (Facilities in Focus)

The New Vo-Tech

Transforming 20th-century vocational workshops into 21st-century learning labs.


Five No-Cost and Low-Cost School Safety Approaches

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

What’s Goin' On

School Art Murals Signage

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Building Art

Using signage and graphics to unify the look and identity of an institution and its campus.

Emerging Technology

Operating System, What's That?

New devices mean it's time to shift your approach.

flipped classroom

Technology (Enhancing + Engaging + Connecting)

Flipping Technology

How technology supports flipped classrooms.

Energy conservation

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Overlooked "Low Hanging Fruit" Behind Closed Doors

Wasting Energy and Resources, Low Voltage Distribution Transformers (LVDT).

Classroom Furniture

The Furniture Effect

A look at ways to redesign learning environments through the use of furnishings and equipment.

Building Envelope

Want to Improve Student Performance? Start with the Air They Breathe