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School Planning & Management's vast database of articles is a valuable tool for anyone who plans, designs, equips, maintains and operates pK-12 schools nationwide.  Popular topics include facilities, safety & security, technology, business, finance and the learning environment. Articles are displayed in chronological order, beginning with the most recent.

Business Practices

School Business

Teaching educators about school finance.

Indoor Pools

Maintenance & Operations

Don't Dread Indoor Pools

The key to a comfortable, healthy aquatic center? It' not about the water — it's about the air.

Trends in Education

Trends in Education 2015

Fire & Life Safety

Self-Inspection Programs

Reducing life-safety and legal risks for the district.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

Schools and Community

Serving all students in the classrooms and beyond.

School furniture

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Flipping for Student Success

Furniture is an important and effective design component when planning and creating these learning spaces.

Comprehensive Renovation

Facilities (Leaning Spaces)

A Comprehensive Renovation

The challenges of making a high school feel "old yet new."

School Safety Trends

Trends in Education

School Safety Trends

It is important that we all work together and communicate to ensure our efforts to improve school safety.

outdoor classrooms

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Whole-Child Learning

Learning comes alive in outdoor classrooms.

Renovating Historic Theaters

Building Blueprints (Facilities in Focus)

Renovating Historic Theaters

Bringing new relevance to aging performance venues.

Emergency Preparedness

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

Emergency Preparedness

Don't plan for the last disaster — plan for the next disaster.

next generation learning

Trends in Education

The Future Is Now

Bringing next generation learning to all school buildings.

Emerging Technology

Wireless: How fast is fast?

Trends in Green

An Often Overlooked Criteria

Sustainability should be a priority when purchasing high-tech equipment.

Integrating Audio Visual Technology

Tech 2015: Integrating Technology and Space

The A to Z of AV

Know exactly what you want and need before you make your purchases.

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