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Furniture and Equipment

Classroom Furniture

The Furniture Effect

A look at ways to redesign learning environments through the use of furnishings and equipment.

21st Century School Furniture

School Furniture & Equipment Guide

Moving Education into the 21st Century

Creating activity permissible classrooms.

Emerging Technology

Sound System Design and Commissioning

Use a model to make sure you will get the best results.

Flexible School Furnishings

School Furniture & Equipment Guide

Flexibility Is Key

Successful active teaching and learning depends on making the correct decisions about furnishings.

student collaboration

School Furniture & Equipment Guide

Working Together

New school designed with student collaboration in mind.

School Design

School Design That Gets Inside a Student's Head

School design that gets inside a student's head research has begun to quantify the effect of interior school design on the performance of students.

Products that Work

New Additions to the Analogy Series

Products that Work

Is the Classroom of Today Obsolete?

Products that Work

Outdoor Bench Includes Custom Signage

Products that Work

Portable Room Dividers... 25 Years Later!


Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

Providing high-quality Learning Environments

Accessible Power for Students

Furniture & Equipment

Powering Up Learning

Power-enabled columns: at the Milan Center for Innovative Studies, Milan, Mich., power and data connections at structural columns give students a place to engage in self-directed learning.