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Maintenance and Operations

Maintenance Team at Lakeside Educational Network Keeps Things Running Smoothly for Students Going Through Rough Patches

Crowded school environments can be tough for students who struggle with learning disabilities, addictions, street violence, or other problems in their homes and communities.

Technology (Enhancing + Engagin + Connecting)

Integrating Technology and Controls

Automated alarm systems can provide significant benefits for facility maintenance organizations.

Outsourcing Is In

Business (Managing K-12 Education)

Outsourcing Is In

More and more K-12 school districts are discovering the cost-cutting, quality-boosting efficiencies of outsourcing.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

It's Finally Summer!

Fire & Life Safety

Testing, Testing

Battery-operated devices have different specifications.

Creating Healthier Schools

Maintenance & Operations

Creating Healthier Schools

Is your child's school stuck on a pest control treadmill?

Summer Maintenance

Maintaining Buildings Grounds

Summer Is No Vacation When It Comes To Maintenance

How do you schedule necessary maintenance projects when school facilities are being used year-round for a variety of purposes?

School Germs

Maintaining Buildings Grounds

What Can't Be Ignored

Germs must be dealt with in a firm and consistent manner.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

The Condition of our Public School Facilities

Facilities Management and Maintenance

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Back to the Chalk Board

School systems can benefit from a holistic approach to facilities management and maintenance.

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

How To Stop Deferring Maintenance

Deferred Maintenance can cost schools many times what the initial repair charges might’ve been. With school infrastructures growing older and budgets slimmer, the question of when to defer maintenance costs is critical.

Maintenance & Operations

Sometimes, It Just Has To Happen

While change can be considered the only constant in life, it can also be one of the most daunting aspects of leading any organization, especially in the arena of school maintenance.

Products that Work

Where Efficiency and Durability Meet

Trends in Green

Renewable Cleaning

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Here's how one small school district schedules preventive maintenance.