Planning and Design

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

Good News, Again!

But our school buildings still need more attention and funding.

Facility planning reports

Facility Planning

Trending Today

Facility planning reports as websites.

Technology is Reshaping Instructional Space

Technology (Enhancing + Engaging + Connecting)

How Technology is Reshaping Instructional Space

As technology reshapes the way we define instructional space, educators may be obliged to vacate comfort zones.

School furniture

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Flipping for Student Success

Furniture is an important and effective design component when planning and creating these learning spaces.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

Schools and Community

Serving all students in the classrooms and beyond.

Renovating Historic Theaters

Building Blueprints (Facilities in Focus)

Renovating Historic Theaters

Bringing new relevance to aging performance venues.

next generation learning

Trends in Education

The Future Is Now

Bringing next generation learning to all school buildings.

Comprehensive Renovation

Facilities (Leaning Spaces)

A Comprehensive Renovation

The challenges of making a high school feel "old yet new."

How to Engage Your Local Community to Assure a Successful School Program

Community engagement is critical to building consensus and solicits feedback so everyone has a clear understanding of how tax dollars or SPLOST revenue are being spent.

Forging Promising Futures

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Forging Promising Futures

Baltimore high school creates new opportunities for the students and the community.

Multi-purpose Spaces

Building Blueprints (Facilities in Focus)

No Longer Just Cafeterias

Spaces that are too enticing to sit empty during the day.

A Final Thought

You Need to Read This

New book on school design focuses on fixing current space, and more.

A Final Thought

Not a New Concept

Common core has been around for hundreds of years.

Maximizing Open Space

Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Spaces

Maximizing Open Space Within a City Campus

Master planning is imperative for any institution that expects its needs will grow and evolve in the future in order to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of every space, program and investment.

Functional Pool Design

Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Spaces

What's Cool in Pools

New design trends are making pools more functional and cost-effective.

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