Sustainable and High-Performance

school energy savings

Maintaining Buildings & Grounds

I x T = S + E

Leaders in the field point to key elements in a formula for school energy savings.

Maintaining Buildings & Grounds

Sustainable School Safety Compliance

Designing Early Learning Classrooms

Designing Early Learning Classrooms

Early learning experts offer insights for classroom design, illustrated by an Illinois-based example.

Maryland HighPerformance Building

Trends in Green

Drawing a Green Line in Maryland

Learning environments that build a greener future.

Comfortable Learning Environments

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

A "Kit of Parts"

Providing high-quality, comfortable learning environments.

Sustainable School Design

Trends in Green

No Longer a Lofty Goal

Sustainable design is becoming the norm and being incorporated into all facets of building design.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

The Pendulum Swings

Basic education issues haven't changed much.

Trends in Green

Integrating Sustainability and Education

How greener classrooms can spark next generation learning.

LEED Sustainability Architecture

Facilities (Learning Spaces)


Connecticut's high-performance school building standards show that the sustainability conversation needn't start or end with LEED.

Trends in Green

An Often Overlooked Criteria

Sustainability should be a priority when purchasing high-tech equipment.

greenest school around

Trends in Green


The greenest school around.

energy initiative

Maintenance & Operations

Demand Response

An energy initiative that works for the environment and school divisions.

Intelligent Energy Efficient Schools

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Creating Intelligent Schools

Here's a look at the past, present and future technologies that create intelligent schools.

Energy conservation

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Overlooked "Low Hanging Fruit" Behind Closed Doors

Wasting Energy and Resources, Low Voltage Distribution Transformers (LVDT).

Energy & HVAC

Too Hot, Too Cold, Too Expensive: Energy & HVAC

Designing a new K-4 school that is comfortable for young occupants and easy to operate and maintain.

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