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Reducing the Risks from Wildfires for Your Campus

Klein Cain High School: Honoring the Past, Looking to the Future

5 Steps to a More Sustainable School

Washington Update

This has been a difficult update to write because of how quickly things happen in Washington. Congress has only a few months before the end of this session to address several critical issues, and no one knows to expect on any given day from the President.

Five Reasons Every School Needs to Brand

Using Product Audits to Cut Costs

A Washington Update: What Can Be Successful?

Republicans are on track to leave for August recess with only a few major legislative accomplishments. They have been weighing their next steps.So the big question is, where do we go from here?

Five Tips for Holding on to That Back-to-School Shine

Here are top five tips for sustaining a clean, healthy learning environment and your pristine deep-clean -- plus some extra credit! Each of our school-zone-defense strategies comes paired with an easy way to help students recognize how they can cut down on cross-contamination.

Therapy Dogs in Schools: The Benefit to Students, Teachers

From helping young children read to relieving the intense stress faced by university students, dogs are an increasingly familiar part of school programs across the country. Therapy dogs provide an inexpensive way to assist students in focusing on their education.

Lifts to Upper Levels of Schools Need to be Quiet and Dignified

One challenge for K-12 facility managers tasked to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been offering full access to elevated areas on campus. These areas can range from stages and raised platforms to theater, auditorium, library, administrative offices and student centers with mezzanines or second floors not served by a traditional elevator.

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