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The FY 2014 Obama Education Budget: A Realistic Proposal or Just Dead on Arrival?

On Wednesday, Apr. 10, President Obama made public his proposed Fiscal Year 2014 Budget which includes several key investments in education. There are several programs and initiatives that cut across agency budgets and require partnerships/joint ventures

Grand Gesture, Grand Bargain or Nothing at All

The political drama continues in Washington, D.C., with the White House, Congress and individual agencies. One thing is for sure: no one really knows the true impact of the budget cuts on the nation’s economy, national security, defense preparedness

To Be or Not to Be: Can Washington Work Together? That Is the Question

As the second term of Barack Obama’s Presidency begins and the 113th Congress convenes, most Americans wonder whether the two parties and the two branches of government can work together to find common ground and address the numerous critical, salien

LED Lighting Prepares For School

If you're paying a premium for electricity, ask a lighting manufacturer to help you determine the initial cost and payback period for these kinds of LED retrofits. You might discover that it is worth bringing in LEDs this year.

School Gains Efficiencies with Central Online Calendar

How did a central online event calendar with event publisher make a big difference for Spartanburg Community College? Check out their success story to see how they benefit from a centralized event calendar, how it has given them a new way to market events and more.

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