October 2014 School Planning & Management

October 2014

On the Cover

school-choice movement

Choice Arguments

By Michael Fickes

The school-choice movement has set off an intense national debate about vouchers and charter schools.


Energy Benchmarking

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Using Energy Benchmarking to Reap Savings

By Ellen Kollie

Here's how energy benchmarking is helping some school districts reduce energy consumption, thereby gaining energy savings. It may be just the tool your district needs.

Functional Pool Design

Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Spaces

What's Cool in Pools

By John Davids, Bill Robertson

New design trends are making pools more functional and cost-effective.

Advanced UC Phone Systems

Technology (Enhancing + Engaging + Connecting)

Advanced UC Phone Systems

By Cameron Moredock

Changing the way schools communicate by using a Unified Communications business phone system.

School Security Technologies

Safety & Security

School Security Technologies

By Brett St Pierre

Improving school security with visitor monitoring and management software.

Security fencing

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Exterior Security Measures

By Scott Berman

The correct fencing system may require elements unique to your campus.

Maximizing Open Space

Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Spaces

Maximizing Open Space Within a City Campus

By William Hastings

Master planning is imperative for any institution that expects its needs will grow and evolve in the future in order to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of every space, program and investment.


Maintenance & Operations

Closing the Gap

By Alyce Honore’-Hubert

Successfully managing facilities in a climate of change.

Trends In Green

Harness the Power of ENERGY STAR

By Terrance R. Liette

The bottom-line benefits of the EPA's ENERGY STAR program.

Business Practices

Financial Dashboards

By Jeff Feyerer

Bringing context to data confusion.

Fire & Life Safety

Planning Process

By Mike Halligan

As important as the fire mitigation plan itself.

Emerging Technology

Unintended Consequences

By Mike Raible, Andrew LaRowe

The design and up-fit of educational facilities should be the result of a whole systems approach and not one of designing and installing isolated pieces and parts.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

Sports and Athletics

By Deborah P. Moore

An Unnecessary Cost Or A Benefit?

A Final Thought

Not a New Concept

By Paul Abramson

Common core has been around for hundreds of years.


Primary care spaces

Building Blueprint (Facilities in Focus)

Making It 'All Better'

By Todd Cyrulik

Primary care spaces are no longer stuck in an unused closet.



Assessing the Situation

Is your security technology working?

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