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Fixtures Provide Significant Savings

Plumbing fixtures

When it came time to replace plumbing fixtures at CCSD 15 in Palatine, Ill. Moen made the grade with ease.

Plumbing fixtures may not be the first thing on school districts’ minds when it comes to providing a world-class education, but they’re a critical element for keeping schools running smoothly. Just ask Craig Phillips. He oversees the operation and care of all of the facilities at the Community Consolidated School District (CCSD) 15 in Palatine, which is the third largest pre-K-8 school district in Illinois.

As manager of Environmental Services at CCSD 15, Phillips needs to ensure he’s working with the right partners when making decisions that affect the district. Among Phillips’ numerous responsibilities are purchasing and maintaining the district’s plumbing systems.

So when the time came to replace aged fixtures and equipment, he knew he needed to select plumbing products that would be durable, reliable and hold up for years to come.

The Research: Phillips investigated several brands, developing a rigorous set of standards to compare products.

“I was familiar with Moen from residential projects I had completed at my own firm, so I knew that the brand’s products are of the highest quality,” Phillips says. “Once I learned about the value of Moen Commercial’s offerings, including their lower lifetime cost, I knew they were the right choice.”

The Solution: Phillips chose Moen Commercial for the quality and durability of the flush valves, and its self-cleaning piston technology. “Unlike other products in the market, M•Power doesn’t have a rubber diaphragm or other components that will wear out and need to be replaced, which can save the district money over the life of the flush valve,” says Phillips.

Since the first installation, Phillips and the district have been pleased with the performance.

“I haven’t had any problems or complaints – Moen gets my vote every time. It’s highly superb compared to other products in the marketplace,” he says.

This article originally appeared in the December 2014 issue of School Planning & Management.

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