Codes & Standards

Sextortion: Another Cyber Danger for Youth

Fire & Life Safety

Why Inspections Are Necessary

There is no better way to identify situations or activities that compromise life safety.

Emergency Egress

Fire & Life Safety

Emergency Egress

Not all plans are (or should be) created equal.

Fire & Life Safety

Gaining Popularity

Performance-based solutions for life safety.

Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

Easier Safety Logging for Michigan Schools

Fire & Life Safety

Cooking Exhaust Systems

A lesson learned from a close call. Recently, a fire sprinkler activated on a food service line. There was a review of what caused the sprinkler to activate. It was not due to a fire or a problem with the sprinkler head, but due to misplaced equipment under the hood.



There may be help from afar.

Security Codes and Specifications

Federal law requires that schools prepare an individual educational program (IEP) for each student with a disability, providing related services known to include safety in an emergency. Codes stipulate warning systems and require regular drills for all st

School Gains Efficiencies with Central Online Calendar

How did a central online event calendar with event publisher make a big difference for Spartanburg Community College? Check out their success story to see how they benefit from a centralized event calendar, how it has given them a new way to market events and more.

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