Maintenance and Operations

Maintenance & Operations

An Important and Enormous Responsibility

School plant facilities sustain ideal student performance for the new school year.

IAQ management

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Healthy Buildings

The essential elements of IAQ management

Trends in Green

Tools to Paint With

Ask the Expert: Restroom Environment

How Do We Discourage Restroom Vandalism?

Maintenance & Operations

Membership in an Organization is Beneficial

Attaining excellence in education through professional facility management.

Maintaining Buildings & Grounds

Sustainable School Safety Compliance

Quality education facilities

Facility Planning

Fix Them Now!

Quality education facilities foster better learning.

Facilities Masters Award

Maintenance & Operations

Facilities Masters Award

Promoting excellence in maintenance and operations.

School Building Costs

How to Cut the Cost of Your New School Building

It's anti-intuitive, but raising the initial cost of a new school or other capital purchase can reduce total cost of ownership.

Building Envelope

Want to Improve Student Performance? Start with the Air They Breathe

Maintenance & Operations

Closing the Gap

Successfully managing facilities in a climate of change.

Healthy Carpet Care

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Keys to Healthy Carpet Care

Methods to make sure your school's carpeted areas are clean and safe.

Trends in Green | U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Controlling Moisture in America's Schools

One way to enhance the health and productivity of students, faculty and staff and the sustainability and resiliency of our schools.

Trends In Green

An Important Lesson

Teaching "green" by how you clean.

Maintenance Team at Lakeside Educational Network Keeps Things Running Smoothly for Students Going Through Rough Patches

Crowded school environments can be tough for students who struggle with learning disabilities, addictions, street violence, or other problems in their homes and communities.

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