Maintenance and Operations

service provider for school repairs

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Meeting the Challenge

How The Department of General Services used a non-profit service provider to assist in monitoring and verification of school repairs during a short timeframe.

Sustainable Schools

Winning with Onsite Generated Solutions

Producing cleaning chemicals onsite using the building's water supply.

wiring and cabling

Technology (Enhancing + Engaging + Connecting)

Wires Crossed

Clearing Up the Question of Who's Responsible for Connectivity?

IAQ management

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Healthy Buildings

The essential elements of IAQ management

Maintenance & Operations

An Important and Enormous Responsibility

School plant facilities sustain ideal student performance for the new school year.

Trends in Green

Tools to Paint With

Ask the Expert: Restroom Environment

How Do We Discourage Restroom Vandalism?

Maintenance & Operations

Membership in an Organization is Beneficial

Attaining excellence in education through professional facility management.

Maintaining Buildings & Grounds

Sustainable School Safety Compliance

Quality education facilities

Facility Planning

Fix Them Now!

Quality education facilities foster better learning.

Facilities Masters Award

Maintenance & Operations

Facilities Masters Award

Promoting excellence in maintenance and operations.

School Building Costs

How to Cut the Cost of Your New School Building

It's anti-intuitive, but raising the initial cost of a new school or other capital purchase can reduce total cost of ownership.

Building Envelope

Want to Improve Student Performance? Start with the Air They Breathe

Maintenance & Operations

Closing the Gap

Successfully managing facilities in a climate of change.

Healthy Carpet Care

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Keys to Healthy Carpet Care

Methods to make sure your school's carpeted areas are clean and safe.

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