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 Immersive Learning Environments: An Untapped Resource for Differentiated Learning

Expert Perspective

Immersive Learning Environments: An Untapped Resource for Differentiated Learning

As education principles continue to evolve, immersive learning environments offer an emerging and meaningful education tool.


Smart Schools Bond Funds Ed Tech and Infrastructure in 90 Districts

New York has announced the latest round of districts and schools to receive funding through the "Smart Schools Bond Act." That bond was passed in 2014-2015 and approved the issuing of some $2 billion in general obligation bonds to finance improved educational technology and infrastructure.

Facilities & Design

Building Trendy K-12 Schools

The world of education is changing more quickly and more comprehensively than ever before. Two key developments are effectively changing the traditional design of K-12 schools.


Shining a Light on Success in the Classroom: What Role Does Lighting Design Play in Student Outcomes?

What role does lighting design play in student outcomes?

Wellness Policies: School Districts Are Only One Year Away from Their First Triennial Assessment

By a minimum of effort at formulating a real district wellness policy, local education authorities can affect the health of all students in schools by inventing a way to concentrate on helping those kids eat better, exercise more, and eliminate properly.

Redrawing School Boundaries with Confidence

Washington Update

As in most years, the President’s budget request is dead on arrival when it is announced. This year is not much different than those in the past. However, with a divided government, the budget and appropriations process gets a bit more challenging and interesting. The

Sustainable Design


Creating Organic Learning Environments Through Sustainable Design

Combating global climate change will be the central feature of our students’ lives. Making them aware of the direct connections between their actions locally and giving them the scientific tools necessary to study and create solutions may ultimately impact their ability to survive in this environment. Building schools that interact with the educational goals of sustainability is good educational practice and good stewardship of our children’s’ future.

Sextortion: Another Cyber Danger for Youth

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