Planning and Design

Color in the Learning Environment

Fun and colorful school classroom

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Schools Should be Fun Places

The effects of design, lighting, and color in learning environments.

Special needs classroom

Building Blueprints (Facilities in Focus)

Some Challenges and Solutions

Accommodating special education needs.

Environments That Inspire

Celebrating legacy, school, pride and culture through inspiring environmental graphics improves student awareness and recruiting.

Age specific school design of common area

Building Blueprints (Facilities In Focus)

Design For the Educational Journey

How classrooms respond to age-specific needs.

Student-Centered Designed space from the outside

Student-Centered Design

Transforming educational space for the 21st-century student.

Reusing as a means to sustainability

Sustainable Schools

Making Old (Schools) New, Again

Reusing as a means to sustainability.

Facility Planning

Child-Centered Learning

Educators are the key drivers.

School Exterior: Kennedy-Curry Middle School

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Appearance Does Matter

Good exterior design can "celebrate" the school.

Education interiors

Details Matter

Education interiors make a big difference.

Sustainable Athletic and Wellness Center

Building Blueprints (Facilities in Focus)

Sustainable Athletic and Wellness Center

Supporting excellence of spirit, mind and body.

Academic Building Supports Collaborative Learning Environments

The Samueli School is a place where students “live and learn” in a variety of spaces that can inspire and guide them to become productive in their academic careers which can lead to lifelong success.

Reopening shuttered school


Bringing a shuttered school back to life has it's unique challenges.

joint-use space for students and the community

Building Blueprints (Facilities In Focus)

Performing Dual Roles

A joint-use space for students and the community.

A Final Thought

Wakeup Call

Can we get the dollars needed to fix our schools?

Is it a school's job to address not only what happens in the classroom, but social and economic issues in their community as well?

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