Sustainable and High-Performance

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

Everything Old Is New Again

Sustainable Schools

Learning from Design

How sustainable design becomes net-positive education.

Five Smart Steps to Integrate Sustainable Design into the Curriculum – That Work Over the Long Haul

Every school construction or renovation project is an opportunity to make the world a better place.

Hot Tips (Daylighting Techniques)

Better Light, Better Schools

school lit up at night

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Saving Money on School Lighting Design

A school's lighting system affects the physical and emotional well being of the students and the staff. It also plays a major role in the facility's energy costs. In this article we explore how much of this expense can be avoided.

Sustainable school design

Sustainable Schools

What's Old Is New Again

Sustainable design and the modernization of our existing schools.

sustainable school operations

Sustainable Schools

Think Differently

Designing for sustainable operations.

Hot Tips (Waste Collection)

Smart Trash, Smart Campus

Bottle filling stations

Maintenance & Operations

BYOB (bottle)

Bottle filling stations promote good health and sustainability.

Steel School Construction

Sustainable Schools

Steel Brings Transparency to Construction Sustainability

EDPs provide designers and construction professionals with valuable information.

trends in education


A Roadmap to Sustainability Purchasing

daylighting in classroom

Energy Savings: Insights and Innovation

As U.S. schools continue to face increasing budget pressures, implementing strategies for energy savings can have a significant positive impact on the bottom line for school districts.

teacher holding large fish

Sustainable Schools


Importance of local and sustainable seafood is part of curriculum in Oregon.

Sustainable Schools

The Power Of Zero

Net-zero library rethinks education design.

Photovoltaic Roof

Maintenance & Operations

Largest K-12 Photovoltaic Roof Top Solar System in Virginia

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