April 2014 School Planning & Management

April 2014

On the Cover

School Design

School Design That Gets Inside a Student's Head

By Michael Fickes

School design that gets inside a student's head research has begun to quantify the effect of interior school design on the performance of students.


Collaborating with Technology

Technology (Enhancing + Engaging + Connecting)

Collaborating with Technology

By Troy Miller

Schools need to be innovative with staff and time to use technology effectively.

lighting and HVAC control

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Creating a Brighter Future

By Craig Hall, Neil Maldeis

Best practices and benefits of optimizing lighting and HVAC control.

School Transportation

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

School Transportation

By Ellen Kollie

There are many factors involved in making sure our students get to and from school safely.

Fire Safe Schools

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

Fire Safe Schools

By Michael Dorn

Creating a culture of fire safety and survivability.


Editor's Note (The View From Here)

The Condition of our Public School Facilities

A Final Thought

Fill, Don't Close, Underused Schools.

By Paul Abramson

It may be wiser to find ways to use the empty space for the community.

Safety & Security

Fear Itself

By Michael Dorn

How fear can reduce the ability of school employees to save lives.

Trends in Green

Dunbar High School

By Greg Benson

A leader in D.C. green energy initiatives.

Emerging Technology

Music Rooms? No, Performance Spaces.

By Glenn Meeks

Facility Planning

The Case for 21st-Century Schools

By Michael Quadrino, Nikkia Martin

Intangibles suggest new environs are helping D.C. students.


Four Things You Need To Know About Emergency Lighting

Safety & Security

Four Things You Need To Know About Emergency Lighting

By Michael Dorn

STEM School

Building Blueprints (Facilities In Focus)

From Big Box Retailer to STEM School

By Jeffrey Sackenheim

How communication, creativity and collaboration transformed Dayton's educational landscape.

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