June 2014 School Planning & Management

June 2014

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historic Alta Vista School building

A Second Life

Historic Alta Vista School rehabbed to meet the needs of today's students.

By Gary Petri, Lyn Eller

The historic Alta Vista School building was built in 1917. The building was listed on the Colorado State Register of Historic Places in June of 1999 for its significance in the area of education. It recently underwent a significant rehabilitation in order to meet the needs of today's students.


Green Ribbon Schools

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Green Ribbon Schools

By Scott Berman

Overall participation is the key to a successful program.

Technology (Enhancing + Engagin + Connecting)

Integrating Technology and Controls

By Andrew LaRowe

Automated alarm systems can provide significant benefits for facility maintenance organizations.

Access Control Systems

Safety & Security (Prepare and Beware)

Access Control Systems

Train, train and train some more.

By Ellen Kollie

Effective access control systems include technology, people, policies and training. Here's how those components fit together.

21st Century School Furniture

School Furniture & Equipment Guide

Moving Education into the 21st Century

By John Kilbourne

Creating activity permissible classrooms.

Outsourcing Is In

Business (Managing K-12 Education)

Outsourcing Is In

By Michael Fickes

More and more K-12 school districts are discovering the cost-cutting, quality-boosting efficiencies of outsourcing.

Flexible School Furnishings

School Furniture & Equipment Guide

Flexibility Is Key

By Scott Berman

Successful active teaching and learning depends on making the correct decisions about furnishings.

student collaboration

School Furniture & Equipment Guide

Working Together

By Doug Barnd

New school designed with student collaboration in mind.


Facility Planning

Making Things to Learn

By Frank Locker

Better approach offers students a choice.

A Final Thought

Four Crisis

By Paul Abramson

A look at the enormity and interweaving of the problems and their causes.

Trends In Green

Building Teaching Tools

By Sean O'Donnell, Jana Silsby

Design for active and sustainable, student-centered learning.

Emerging Technology

Sound System Design and Commissioning

By Glenn Meeks

Use a model to make sure you will get the best results.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

It's Finally Summer!

And there is plenty of work to be done.

By Deborah P. Moore

Safety & Security

The Power of Mental Simulation

By Michael S. Dorn


School Library

Building Blueprints (Facilities in Focus)

Fulfilling a Primary Need

By Kerrianne Wolf

Redefining the 21st-century school library.


Lutron skylight shades

Case History (Real-World Solutions)

Customized Shade System Reduces Costs

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